Brazilian Beachwear Curiosities

Let's talk a little beach about Brazil and the bikini culture 👙

In 🇧🇷 is part of the culture, specially in Rio de Janeiro, to have a beachy life. Some of the cariocas (people who was born in Rio de Janeiro) live near to the beach and because of that, it is very common to see people walking around or exercising only wearing swimsuits. 

Part of the beach culture in 🇧🇷, between women, is to make tan lines. So the "thing" is to make it strong, so when they go out and wear regular clothes it accentuates the curiosity about it, as the tan lines appear here and there. 

The Brazilian beachwear normally follows the same standards than the lingerie style and Brazilian women wear small lingerie for the day by day use. That's why the bikinis are small too.

Plus, the motive to leave more skin appearing is that Brazilian women like to be tanned. Its like a trademark to have the tan lines accentuated. Then we go to the beach intentionally to make it.

If you go to 🇧🇷 you will notice that between young and mature women. They all like to wear clothes that shows the tan lines. For us it is beautiful and sexy.

Go ahead! Make your tan lines and feel how it is to be a Brazilian beach girl 😁 you gonna love it! Don't forget to use the sunblock!